Hello everyone and welcome to this site. Here's to the start of something brilliantly evocative, reasonably rewarding and moderately enlightening.

I'll explore a bunch of topics relevant to society, my thoughts on every-day technology and their application, and the interplay between society and tech.

Who's this site for?

For everyone and anyone. I don't expect a great number of people to read my posts but I'll be happy if you read them and find them interesting. These posts will often not be a consecutive series on anything in particular but instead an exploration of topics at a whim. My apologies if they go off on a tangent.

How often will you post?

Probably every day if I get a chance or at least three to four times a week. If I don't, go and prod me over at Carbonatic or Twitter and I'll resume my scheduled flow of convictions and opinions.

Who are you?

I am me (James Downing). I've completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Politics, an MBA, I've made a couple of startups and I'm soon to study the Juris Doctor and embark on the course to be a lawyer. Wish me luck!

Thanks again and look forward to seeing your comments and thoughts in the weeks ahead!